My VividLife Map

My VividLife Map

Your mind is already on autopilot. Is it taking you where you want to be?

How do you rewire your beliefs to upgrade what’s possible for you?


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My VividLife Map

 How to direct your mind to get you the life you desire!

 Your mind is already on autopilot. Is it taking you where you want to be?

Have you been setting the same goals every year and you still haven’t reached them? Chances are the way you have been thinking about your goals (or not thinking about them) is sabotaging your results.

The advertising industry spends $400Billion to mold your purchasing habits and get you from simply hearing their ad to physically choosing their brand off their website or store shelf. What if instead of filling your brainwaves with their message, you brainwashed yourself with the things that matter to you?

My VividLife Map is an effective tool to program the way your mind finds solutions to your goals. It is so simple, you can use it while running errands, exercising, and living your life!

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Your Phone Number

What do you want to happen in your life within the next 6 months?

Brain_ woman 1Your brain is obedient. It will obey whatever commands it finds in highest quantity and deepest conviction. There are messages in your mind that your brain is listening to that you may not be aware of and are sabotaging your most honorable efforts. What if you overrode these underlying sabotaging messages with empowering and supportive messages to get your ENTIRE brain on board towards the same goal?


My VividLife Map shows you how to create these commands so you don’t have to force your way to your goals. Tell your mind exactly what you want in the way it hears you best, and it will find a way to get the job done!

My VividLife Map is like an App UPGRADE for your brain!

This program includes:

~ a 39-page manual with detailed instructions

~ supporting overview videos

~ tech support to complete your recorded map as quickly as possible

~ email access to a coach to create your first VividLife Map

My VividLife Map takes you through 7 elements to create the most vivid vision of your life, exactly what you want present in your life within the next 6 months. Then, it combines that vivid vision with a specific type of music that relaxes your brain to receive instructions and gets both your conscious and your non-conscious minds working on it!

My VividLife Map is simple to use, but if you want support creating it,

for a LIMITED time, this program includes email access to a mentor to support your map creation.


To create the life you want, get clear on what you want, create messages in the way your mind understands, and intensify the frequency of your instructions.


Ready to get started?


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Already have the program but want email support to complete your Map quickly and effectively?

Email-ServiceIf you want extra support in the form of:

► accountability in completing each section of your map

► editing your script by a mentor

► completing your Map in 2 weeks or less*

VividLife Mapping support is for you!

Complete your VividLife Map quickly and invite your results to happen sooner.

Access time

* Limited support available beyond 2 weeks