Personal Mentoring

Personal Mentoring

Do you ever find yourself saying, “I FEEL STUCK!” ?

Get over the hump by hiring a mentor to give personal attention and insight to your situation! A money mentor not only helps you with the logistical side of managing money but also helps shift the internal thoughts that get in the way even when we “know better”. When you align your thought patterns and your actions, you will move faster toward your financial goals.

“Mind Money Mastery for Women” is a 6-month personal mentoring program.

If you want to:

  • Remove the fear from your situation and feel hope again
  • Organize your money so it makes sense to you
  • Learn new money skills and increase in confidence
  • Simplify your finances so they take less time to manage
  • Engage your family for support in your money goals
  • Create a new plan for your future income goals
  • Teach your children good money skills
  • Be able to take the next step in your long-term prosperity plan



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One-on-one mentoring is the most effective method to address your specific goals and concerns regarding your money life. Your mentor will look at your situation from a different perspective, find options for your most pressing money matters, and help create a customized plan to achieve your goals!

The Mind Money Mastery mentoring package includes:
~ One VIP Day (3 hours)
~ Five 90-minute appointments
~ One 30-minute call per month
~ Unlimited email access