Invite Adhis to Speak

Invite Adhis to Speak

Moms Creating Prosperity

“Women are the untapped economic power of the world.”

Adhis Boucha


Do you have an upcoming event, training, or gathering designed to empower women in their money handling and personal growth journeys? Adhis Boucha blends personal stories and small group activities with principles to strengthen women’s confidence in their ability to create abundance for themselves and their families.

As a mother of young children with experience in sales and network marketing, Adhis relates to moms and to aspiring entrepreneurs who are breaking free from mediocrity to catapult themselves into a life that elevates their families, their talents, and their passions.


Wake Up Your Personal Worth and Change Your Net Worth

The greatest untapped resource in our economy lies within millions of its most powerful creators: mothers. When a woman wakes up to her personal worth, she increases her net worth, not just for herself but her family and the causes in which she believes.

Adhis talks about the three attributes a woman must embrace about herself in order to increase her personal cash flow. Regardless of the stage of life in which a women presently find themselves, they can live the kind of life that lights them up and sets their personal economies on fire!



Faith and Money: Why God Wants You to Have More of Both

Humility or Wealth? Do they exclude each other? What if you found evidence that God wants you to increase in prosperity and abundance? God not only wants to rain upon you more blessings than you currently enjoy, but He expects and desires His children to create and grow as much money and resources as possible.

Adhis addresses myths carried by good and spiritual people of the world to help them break free from the shackles of mediocrity and boost up the resources for God’s army!

How to Make More Money and Get More Clients

Ever wonder why money and clients come easier to some people than others, even when they seem to have the same credentials and experience?

Adhis presents three places to check yourself for money blockages. Get these cleared and the current bringing cash and clientele flows deeper!


60-180 minutes


Adhis Boucha is a life and money mentor for women desiring to honor their gifts and dreams while harmoniously raising a conscious and loved family. In her own journey, she has become free from debt which has created space to experience more peace in her personal growth experiences and  become more generous in her charitable giving. Adhis is convinced women who reconnect consciously to their inherent gifts and God-given missions are more confident, have happier families, and experience greater prosperity.

  • Provides private one-on-one mentoring
  • Conducts personal finance classes
  • Certified financial counselor through Dave Ramsey’s LAMPO company
  • Trained mentor through 3 Key Elements
  • Mother of two children
  • Married for 12 years
  • Resides in Lehi, Utah



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