About Your Mentor

About Your Mentor

How do you pronounce “Adhis”?

Adhis_ photoPretend you are an Italian chef dropping in pinches of spices into a large pot of pasta sauce, and exclaim, “A little bit uh-DEES, a little bit uh-dat!” There you have it: Adhis. Silent h.

…Aaaaand that pretty much describes me, a little bit of everything in a broad spectrum of experiences with poverty, wealth, sadness, joy, and everything in between.

My name is Adhis Boucha, and I was raised in an odd household. I say “odd” because… well… my dad listened to books on tape (those were the square CDs of the time) about personal development and the power of the mind, and none of my friends’ parents did that! I didn’t quite understand how my dad could listen to HOURS and HOURS of faceless men talk about mindsets and goals and abundance. No, I didn’t “get it” then. As a youth, all I knew was that I was stuck in the car listening to Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy, and Tony Robbins. I had to go through my own heart-wrenching journey to understand what my dad was trying to instill in me.


When I was 20, I married a young man I knew I had no business marrying, but as many hopefuls in love do, I believed the man would change for the better, and even worse. He was outgoing, fun, and everyone wanted to be his friend. It was only after Day 2 as his young bride that I began to see a darker side of him. What began from that point on was an abusive relationship in which I stayed for 4 years because I felt trapped. I did not have any money, where would I go? How would I survive? I did not have answers to these questions, so I stayed. I did the best I could to change our relationship, but I continued to live in misery and fear, often thinking death was the last available option. Though I didn’t know it at the time, the biggest blessing came when that man discarded me for someone else.


Have you ever felt trapped, where it almost feels claustrophobic even though you’re not physically in a tight space? Ever feel like you were destined to be stuck in the same state forever? Have you ever been in a situation where you kept doing the best you could but it seemed to get you nowhere different? Ever experience the kind of trapped feeling where it seemed like the only direction left was out of this earth?


I hope you will hear me when I say that despite the helplessness or darkness you may feel today, it doesn’t change the fact that there is still hope and light further down the path. Keep walking, even if you must hitch yourself to the back of snail! When I hit the lowest of my lows (Did I mention it was a really LOW low?), I decided to divulge my pain to one more person. Boy, I didn’t know my life was about to have an up-swing! This person became a mentor and helped me open up to the HOPE that there was something better for me still left in this world! Other inspiring and supportive mentors began showing up, in real life and in books, with an uncanny similarity to my father’s experiences in my youth. For this re-awakening in my life, I am grateful for the hell through which I journeyed the previous 4 years.


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My studies and partnerships led me to attract a much different type of life. Today, I live a life free from debt, full of cash, a successful company helping thousands of people, and I’m beaming with adventure! I have the financial peace that most of America today only dreams of. I have friends and associates who support my healthy and happy life. I have a more appreciative connection with my Creator. Whatever I need, I find, and what I don’t find, finds ME! I feel very lucky, but I know luck had nothing to do with it.


What I “get” today that I didn’t get when I was a teenager riding in the back of a stationwagon hearing (but not listening to) my dad’s motivational tapes is that EVERYTHING you and I need is EVERYWHERE waiting for us to CLAIM it! The abundance I am experiencing in my life is available to YOU! Would you like to change feeling stuck to feeling luck? Want to go from feeling like there isn’t enough to living a life of peace knowing everything you need is right here?


No woman should ever have to stay in a demeaning relationship because of money. No family should ever feel trapped in a run-down home because they think their fate is to be poor. No man should ever feel trapped by a job that drains the life from him and robs him of time with his wife and kids. No one should ever have to make important decisions based on lack of money. No one has to feel trapped when they awaken to the abundant truth hiding in plain sight!

Abundance is a real thing to be tapped into. To be rich means to have options. I help create options and guide women and families to freedom.

Abundance IS already. Will you claim it?

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Adhis Boucha has been debt-free for 11 years and has been trained by money guru Dave Ramsey* and his counseling staff in Nashville, TN and mentored by master trainer Kirk Duncan of 3 Key Elements.

Adhis mentors crazy emerging entrepreneurs who are burning with ideas and business aspirations and looking to create a vehicle to generate new money.

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Adhis with Dave Ramsey

Adhis with Dave Ramsey

Adhis with Kirk Duncan

Adhis with Kirk Duncan



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