Do You Have Enemies Keeping You From Prosperity?


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Thank your enemies for showing you what energy needs to be addressed within you and around you.

My first reaction to two recent verbal attacks on me was annoyance and… well, mostly annoyance.  My less experienced self though would have unleashed a whipping tongue-lashing. While I would have been justified, I recognize it is not the design that God is sculpting in me. Instead, I responded calmly, though still boldly, leaving no doubt on my stance.

Afterwards, I noticed the feelings and tightness within me as a result of these two incidents and noticed that I had energy within me that needed addressing. Like attracts like and the tones these people had used towards me had triggered the spot inside me that held the same energy. I am grateful to people who inadvertently shine a light where I can refine my beliefs.

Are you having experiences that shine a light on where you are not feeling abundant in resources?

Some people mistake this light-shining as “coming down to reality” when it is actually a treasure trove revealing what to clear up to experience greater prosperity. This is your chance to cleanse these and open the way to receive the next level of wealth for you.

Thank your enemies for giving you opportunities to purify you. Living in this world where people “don’t get it” invites you to practice the principles which you say you do understand.

Give thanks.

Matthew 5:44
Luke 6:28

  1. Dana11-10-16

    Adhis, thanks for this lovely message! I love that you combine an abundance mindset with a Godly heart and mind. In these post-election days, I think many of us are feeling the sting of our own biases. There’s a better way, and it feels good to remember that.


    Thanks for sharing this Adhis…great message and well-needed for such a chaotic week. I’m sorry you went through that, but looking on the bright side (which you always do), it helped you to re-focus your energy and pass it along to others. <3


  3. Michelle11-10-16

    Thank you. This is an interesting concept.

  4. Erin Feik11-10-16

    Thank you Adhis!
    Oh how I needed this today. This whole election has shined a light on a lot of energy I need to release. Done I gave but more keeps showing up. Knowledge my how to be grateful for this is awesome. I just kept myself from making a response that while justified and not disrespectful at first glance would have said ‘I told you so’… I’m so glad I opted to wait. I thought it was to refine my message but really it was so I could release this energy and not need to say it after all.

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