Why we hate when network marketers/MLM’ers approach us ‪


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You may know that my family immigrated to the United States and went from living at poverty level to creating millions of dollars. You may not know that we created it through network marketing, or Multi Level Marketing. If that industry was so good to us, why would I hate when network marketers, or MLM’ers, approach me?

I was reminded why recently when someone approached me with a “perfect opportunity” for me and my clients. I was instantly repelled, and based on responses from others around me, you are likely repelled as well when it happens to you.

Whether you are building an MLM organization, a coaching business, a healing practice, or a traditional company, I share in this video how to talk with people when you are looking for clients or customers:

Instead of treating business prospects as faceless names on a list, validate the people you contact as human beings using the F.O.R.M. template I share with you. When you take a genuine interest in people, you will find the people who are genuinely interested in your offering and become loyal partners and customers long-term.

Life is rich, keep your relationships rich!


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