6 BE’s for Emerging Entrepreneurs


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So you think you’re an entrepreneur?

When I was first contemplating creating my current company, I was so caught off-guard by someone out-of-the-blue wanting to hire me that I said, “yes” to them before I really knew what it was I offered. Crazy, huh?

Because I had quickly agreed to a scheduled meeting with them, I spent a lot of mental energy on renting an office, building an official website, and portraying a “professional” presence without even considering these questions:

  1. Is this the right type of client for me? (someone freaked out about bankruptcy)
  2. Am I charging the right price? ($300 for 3 months of one-on-one service)
  3. Do I really enjoy the type of service I am providing? (creating spreadsheets and calculators to comb through budgets)

I learned through trial and error that the answer to all 3 of those questions was “NO.”

However, I will always be grateful that at least I dumped perfect planning for imperfect action.

I could have wasted months, maybe years, engaged in thinking about creating a new business if I waited to have everything in place, but fortunately, I took action. Unfortunately, because I launched so unexpectedly, I became accustomed to running without planning or checking a map. I did that for a couple years and spent precious resources on programs I didn’t need and people who drained my energy.


I want you to take imperfect action to find the perfect path for you.

Business really is fine-tuned on the playing field, so don’t wait to get in the game. However, I also want you to check in more often than I did to make sure you are still heading in the direction where your goals await you!

Check in regularly on these principles to save you money. energy, and time.

The 6 Be’s for entrepreneurs launching businesses:

1) BE CLEAR on what value you offer for others. Take your idea from general to specific. Don’t whitewash your message with blanket statements like “I help people” or “I wanna see people. “

2) BE CONSISTENT in engaging in your business. When you take 6- or 12-month breaks in a newborn business, you are hitting the reset button and delaying momentum.

3) BE VISIBLE. You can have the best service or product in the world but it doesn’t mean anything unless others KNOW about it. Ultimately the product/service/person who makes the effort to be SEEN will receive the most income.

4) BE WISE on what actions you take. Don’t just take any action and certainly don’t take every action because you “should”. This will deplete your energy, your money, and your confidence. Focus on one part of your business that needs stabilizing, stabilize it, and move on to the next department.

5) BE HUMBLE. No matter how intelligent or resourceful you are, you will delay your growth if you do not take on appropriate training or mentors to expedite your experience.

6) BE YOU. If you’re not being authentic to you, you are using more energy to live a double personality. Use your energy to HAVE FUN while GROWING YOUR BUSINESS!

6 BEs for Productivity

Whether you are currently growing a start-up business or are standing on the diving board with an idea and a burning passion, become a REAL business owner by building your character to include a wise entrepreneur mind and you will have satisfying and profitable experiences!



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