How to Deal With Stress Like a CEO


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Got a lot on your plate? Then you’ll want to check out how people with super-sized helpings on their plates manage stress!

A few self-sabotage stories I commonly hear from clients are:
~  “I’m afraid if I become successful, I will lose my family (or health or friends).”
~  “If I become successful, I won’t have time for fun anymore.”
~  “More money means more responsibility, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to handle that!”

While it’s obvious that the world offers PLENTY of cases where being scared to take risks or struggling with money leads to losing family/health/friends/fun/responsibility, these fears typically are indicative that healthy coping strategies are missing. If you knew how to deal with stress, do you think it would matter whether or not the stressors come from having a little money or a lot of money? Would you like to diffuse stress AND be prosperous?

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Below is an infographic shared on of how famous business leaders deal with stress. I’ve abbreviated the list and added my commentary, but scroll down to read the advice in their own words.

  1. Keep it simple. While you may not be able to keep things simple all the time, be clear on what is essential so when stressors emerge, you easily know what can be stripped away and still keep things moving.
  2. Meditate. Take moments to remove your brain from thinking, to resting. Your brain actually solves most problems in rest. This is because when you are taking in information, your mind is focused on ingesting. When you pause, it makes time for digesting.
  3. Remember what’s important.  Trivialize the stressors by thinking about what IS most important to you. Dwelling on health and family may help relieve you of the “minute” challenges in your business.
  4. Take Action. This one may seem counter-intuitive. How would working “more” reduce stress? Don’t just take any action. Take action on the thing swirling in your mind.: that thing you keep thinking about but keep thinking “I need to get to that.” You don’t have to solve the problem, your mind just wants you to take the next step. Take the next step and the whirling reduces.
  5. Go for it. Most stress comes from dwelling on possible consequences. You and I call it “worrying”. Are you waiting to be “ready” to move forward on a project, partnership or event? Even if you are not fully prepared, simply going for the goal removes much of the stagnant stress weighing you down.
  6. Achieve balance.  Ironically, constantly leaping forward to succeed in your goals sabotages progress. As much as you may think more time for work would help you achieve your objectives, it is a blend of work and time out that yield the longest-sustained success.
  7. Plan ahead. Life and business is full of The Unexpecteds. Create rhythm and automation as much as possible in your life so when surprises come up, you still have a stable foundation beneath you to focus and make good decisions despite the storm.

If you fear oncoming stress, this is a great sign that it is time to learn and practice techniques to allow you to receive more without it weighing you down. Stress does not come from money or decisions or situations. Those things may challenge our current ability to maneuver through situations, but they aren’t the death of our peace. Stress that paralyzes us from expanding and progressing comes from weakened skills and unclear vision. The magnitude of stress comes from how we interact with the challenge, not from the challenge itself.

Choose one tip from the list and practice it daily.

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