How to “Flip the Switch” with Your Money


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I am frequently asked how to “flip the switch” when it comes to abundance thinking and attracting more money. I think you’ll find it refreshing to know it’s a simple process!

When you and I were babies, our brains received data through our sensors: vision, taste, smell, touch, sound. We saw how to do the things or how they felt or tasted and we learned how to sit, roll, walk feed ourselves, and communicate.

Did you know you can use these same sensors to increase the amount of money and resources that come to you?

How does that happen? These are the sensors in which we still receive data about the world. Friend, expose the sensors to new data, and you begin to create new programs in your mind that scan for, recognize, find, and acquire the money and resources you want!

Money is everywhere. I see it, but not everyone does even though the money is still there.

Do how do you program your mind to see the resources you need to move forward in joy, security, and confidence? I will share with you two tips here. One of them you can do on your own and another you can create through a program I offer.



Engage new thoughts through your eyes.

Books. Begin exposing your mind to books that support mindset shifts in regards to money and possibilities. These can be stories of people who overcame adversity (such as in “Unstoppable“) or books on making habit changes (as described in “The Slight Edge“). It doesn’t matter if it’s a long book (like “Think and Grow Rich“) or short books (such as “The Richest Man in Babylon“). The key is simply to begin planting thoughts and seeds to shift your mind’s way of thinking about and finding money and resources. One book plants the ideas. Repeated exposure to these types of books waters and fertilizes the idea. Got it?

Fertilize new results through your ears.

VividLife Map. This audio map trains your mind through the use of YOUR VOICE to consciously, then subconsciously, program your body to move towards your desired results. And it does it so you achieve your goals in 6 months or less! Through a story-layering technique, I guide you in knowing EXACTLY what you want and recording it in your voice. I then show you how to combine that with a specific type of music to get your left and right brain to get on the same page about your goals. Results happen faster when your left brain and right brain AND conscious mind and subconscious mind are all working on the same goals!

The VividLife Map video and guide are available here. As a bonus, you will also receive access to weekly calls with me where we give you additional support in using your VividLife Map to create the life you want in vivid detail and experience results in 6 months or less!

What do you want before the year is over?

Do you want a healthy body? How much money do you want to flow through your hands and into your bank account? What kind of relationships do you want? What resources do you need now to create your big goal? Where have you been feeling stuck and are ready to see progress?

Add an addition to your mind. What you have known up to this point has gotten you your current results. Add new data through your eyes and your ears to begin experiencing new results TODAY.






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