How Women and Men Spend Money Differently


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I’ve said it again and again: women spend money differently than men.

Take a look at the infographic at the bottom of this page of how men and women spend money differently. While it’s mostly focused on the consumer end of spending, I want to call attention to the giving end of spending.

In particular, I often refer to how women spend money on others. In general, women, tend to give care, gifts, or donations in higher frequencies than men. This is why I am a huge advocate for women learning to attract and create new money. I know that the more money a woman has, the higher likelihood that some cause, some child, some organization will be on the receiving end of that new wealth.

How You May Be Blocking Money

Have you ever thought, “I don’t want too much money” or “I just want enough to cover my needs”? These kinds of statement actually block you from receiving more money. The brain hears these statements and obediently makes sure to block ideas or opportunities from you that may possibly “sabotage” your statements and bring you “too much” money. Is that really what you are intending?

It’s true there is a limit to how much money we can consume before we are treading in the fields of greed and gluttony.  It is also true there is no limit to how much good we can do in the world with an unlimited amount of money.  What if we tweak our intentions with money from consuming to producing? What would YOU produce more of in this world if you tapped into a strong, steady flow of money and resources?


Imagine a delicious pie…

Is there a difference between an entire pie by yourself and slicing up a pie to share servings with friends and neighbors? The answer is obvious here. The same translates to money. There is a difference between imagining all the money you could use on your desires and planning on how you will divide up your money to share with good people and causes.

Stop Pursuing Money

I encourage you to STOP PURSUING MONEY to serve only self. I whole-heartedly root you on to create as much money and resources with the plan to give a healthy portion of it to a family wanting to adopt a child, to build a school in Africa, to fund organizations making a positive impact on this planet, to friends as a fun relief from financial stress, to aging parents facing medical bills, or whatever cause inspires you. CHOOSE AN IMPACT YOU WANT TO CREATE and move forward with that in mind as you practice abundance thinking and prosperity habits!







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