How To Change Your Attitude When You Can’t Change Your Situation


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When working with clients about their money beliefs, it is pretty common to hear them say something along the lines of “Why can’t happy things just happen now? I’m sick of bad surprises.” While I can relate to wanting to deal with less challenges, the truth is most of the time we are just experiencing the normal vibe of life, but they can seem overwhelming when that is what we focus on.

We are not in a slump of events but in a slump of thinking.

If your thoughts are focused on “what else is going to go wrong” or “when will it stop being so hard”,  you are doing a powerful  job of programming your brain to see the rotten. There may be MORE GOOD happening in your week but the programming will not allow you to see it or give it merit . You are effectively training yourself to miss out on the party! And guess where incoming money hangs out? At the party!


Opportunities are always around us. It is the eye of the beholder that recognizes them or discounts them. If we have been training our minds to discount them, we will convince ourselves there are no favorable events and we are at the mercy of unfavorable events. Which type of event do you want more of?

In a short article shared on, David Zulberg lists 5 ways to change your attitude when you can’t change your situation.

1. Admit to yourself that you’re not happy.
A good tool for recognizing what is available to you is to recognize the truth of the situation. It’s not factually true that “life sucks” but it is true that you are not happy with what you are seeing happen in it right now. Honesty on the facts is empowering. It returns the power to YOU. You may not be able to immediately change a situation, but you do have the power to view the situation in a different light.

2. Realize optimism is a choice.
We all seem to agree that we have the right and the ability to declare a pity party. If that’s true, why isn’t the opposite also true? We can declare to have a positivity party, set up an optimism committee, or participate in a massively happy moment!

3. Use positive words.
What we think inside our minds usually manifests itself first in either a gesture or a word. It’s a flow from the internal to the outside world. Did you know you can also reverse the direction of mental expression by sending messages from the external world to the inside world? Using positive language is one simple way to re-train your mind to speak a different language. Pair this with repetition and you will find that a matching emotion accompanies the new habit.

4. Hang out with friends who have a happy vibe.
I cannot agree more with this one! When you place in your environment upbeat people, you increase the evidence your brain ingests of optimism. Taking in data of smiles, laughing, kindness, and bright energy helps to give further weight to the light side of life to counter the dusky side.

5. Say a daily declaration.
I changed the wording of the original article’s suggestion. While Zulberg’s article suggests “affirmation”, I am a bigger fan of declarations because they are proactive proclamations. Stating declarations take positive words (of suggestion #3) to another level. Now, you are choosing a phrase to program the direction of your perception of the day. Choose a declaring statement such as “I choose now to co-create with God” or “I expect something awesome to happen today.” What do you want to see more of? State the declaration in support of you choosing a refreshing perspective.


Yes, life offers experiences we sometimes wish to opt-out, but fortunately, we always have the option to opt-in to a perception that guides us to claim our personal power over circumstances.


David Zulberg’s original article “How To Change Your Attitude When You Can’t Change Your Situation” is found here:






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